What Is TubaChristmas?


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Enjoy playing in a mass low brass choir playing your favorite Christmas carol melodies. This is a truly unique musical experience you will not want to miss. It’s like a Messiah sing-a-long for low brass players, with rehearsal in the morning and a concert in the afternoon. See the Main page for schedule and logistics.


There are TubaChristmases all over the United States and several additional locations in Canada, Costa Rica, Switzerland, and Australia,  at this point  over 300 sanctioned events this Christmas season. To see where TubaChristmases are scheduled, check  this link in the tubachristmas.com website. You can also search by state or see all by date. Our event is listed there under Illinois. For opportunities close to the QuadCities, check this link on our web pages. 


On a local level, Griggs Music has co-sponsored this event with the Harvey Phillips Foundation every year since 1992 in the Quad-Cities. It has grown into a very large and popular concert with up to 180 musicians ranging in age from 10 to 80, and players coming from Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Missouri.


Our participation record was resoundingly set in 2014, with 180 players. We’ve been up over 100 for several years, but the 180 mark was hit in 2014.  Let’s make it 200 this time!
Many players in the know make this event their TubaChristmas of choice. Reasons include the level of planning and organization, well-qualified conductors, great rehearsal and concert venue, music not played anywhere else, and the consistently high quality of the ensemble. Also, IT’S FUN!!!
Don’t be hesitant to come and participate if you’re an inexperienced player.  If you enjoy playing and have played for a year or more, you will be able to handle it.  With that many players, a wrong note or rhythm is unlikely to be heard.  Check out the book, you will be jumping from line to line like singing the alto part in a church hymnal.  Not hard, you just have to know how it works.
Be warned, though – our unofficial motto is  “Let ‘er Rip!”   Practice up and get those D flats down.  We WON’T be going slow. 
This is a completely nonprofit venture, with all organization, planning, publicity, arrangement for rehearsal space, printing, and necessary insurance coverage provided by Griggs Music, Inc.
Jim Holifield, QC TubaChristmas coordinator, is a former (some say reformed) high school band director, and has been a school service rep and technology specialist at Griggs Music since 1996. A low brass player in several groups, he is determined to push the Quad-Cities TubaChristmas experience  to its absolute limit, but still have fun and host the most organized event possible.  Raising the bar for TubaChristmases everywhere!
.Jim does all planning, organizing, promotion and preparation for this event throughout the year, including these website pages, QCTC Facebook page, outside-the-book music folders, and actual making-it-happen for pre-registration and TubaChristmas day. Be sure to say hello!
Thanks to the Davenport Griggs Music and its staff for their excellent work in answering questions, helping participants register, and getting them the supplies they need.  Suggestions are always welcome on how to make this event even better.
Special thanks to SouthPark Mall and its staff for being such gracious hosts!
 Questions or suggestions? Email Jim at   
jholifield@griggsmusic.com or call Griggs at (563)391-9000

Ready to roll, 161 strong!

Why no trumpets or a Trumpet Christmas?
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