What Tunes Will We Play?



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CAROLS FOR A MERRY TUBACHRISTMAS books are available now from Griggs Music in Davenport, in bass clef for euphonium / tuba, and also in treble clef (top two parts only) for euphonium. If you are a student in a school band program serviced by Griggs Music, you can also order a book through your school’s Griggs representative. 
If you can’t make it to Griggs and want to get a book or other merchandise mailed, you can use the link below. Cost is an additional $3 per item, and orders must be placed by December 1, mail check or money order with form.   Link to Tubachristmas .com
The folder of additional music will not be available except at Griggs with paid registration, or at SouthPark on TubaChristmas day after you have paid your registration there. This folder contains tunes not in the book. See list below.
For the best Tuba Christmas experience, practice before the rehearsal is a must.  Books will also be available at SouthPark on TubaChristmas day, but you won’t be able to practice if you wait until then, and we may run out.
Volume II is the book version used. Volume I does not have all the tunes, and numbers will not correspond. If your book has Norlan Bewley’s name as one of the arrangers, you already have Volume II, though it may not be marked that way.  If you bought a book in the last 25 years, it’s the right one. See pictures below.

Regular size books (6″ X 8″) are $20.00, large size (8.5″ X 11″) are $25.00, no tax.  Most people choose the larger book, it is much easier to read. 
Don’t hesitate to buy a book – this book is used in all sanctioned TubaChristmases everywhere, and will be used for many more years.

Marching tubas, sousaphones, helicons, and marching baritones are just fine. See picture at the bottom of this page.  Still no trombones or trumpets allowed for this event.


What tunes will we actually rehearse and play?  


This is the 2017 list, a good place to start practicing,
Tunes not in the TubaChristmas book (**) will be in a Griggs folder to be checked out to you at the rehearsal, or better yet,  check out a folder early at Griggs Music in Davenport when you register there. Some of the tunes from the folder are the more challenging ones. 
Euphonium players – be sure to practice on The Chipmunk Song, Frosty, Rudolph, and Sleigh Ride.  On these tunes, parts are high, syncopated, or both. An easier version of Sleigh Ride for euphonium is available, email Jim  if you need one emailed to you.

Euphonium players – on Salvation Is Created, please play part 2 or 3 unless you have really good high chops.  First part goes up to a C an octave above the top of the bass clef!   Other parts are totally playable, no problem.  We’re trying for this sound – link below. intonation and breathing are key.

Bluecoats – Salvation Is Created
This is the sound we’re looking for, only with 180 players.


You must pre-register and pay the $10 registration fee at Griggs Music in Davenport to be issued an extra-music
folder  before TubaChristmas day.  You can also get a folder to use at the mall on TC day if you register there.
All folders remain the property of Griggs Music and must be returned after the performance for next year’s use.

Getting loosened up for some fast fingering.

Marching baritones work just fine!