TubaChristmas – Decorate Your Instrument!

All right, let’s get creative for QCTubaChristmas!
A $10 Griggs Music gift card will be given for Best Decorated Euphonium AND Best Decorated Tuba!
Remember, decorations must be on for morning rehearsal, so they can be voted on by the players. If it’s a tie, TC guest conductor breaks the tie.
When you choose decorations, please make sure your instrument will still function and you can still see the music when you are playing.
Sorry, no fireworks sparklers are allowed, but battery-powered Christmas lights work great.  Here’s a 10-LED set available from Dollar Tree – go for it, buy two!


2016 Winners – Brianna Dinnon and Ashley Trumbull


Winners – Anton Kordick and Mitch Knollenberg


Winners – Anton Kordick and Luke Vermiere


2013 Winners  – Audra Bailey, Aaron Waytenick, and Tracy Engler

 OK, ladies – here’s a challenge for you. This fabulous pink sousa was in the Chicago TubaChristmas at the Palmer House.  Please don’t do this to a school instrument without your director’s blessing!



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