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The date is set for TubaChristmas 2018.

December 8th

 Rehearsal 10 am  Performance 2 pm

 SouthPark Mall, Moline, IL


This year’s dress code includes bright holiday colors including (Ugly? 🙂 ) Christmas sweaters!  Keep it classy on your lower half;  dark colored pants or skirts. It’s still fine to wear concert white on top if you like. Check out these festive sweaters and vests! 

Pre-registration begins in November.


156 players participated in QCTubaChristmas 2017! Videos and photos are on the Griggs Music Facebook page. Thanks to everyone who participated.

We look forward to the 2018 performance.

See the schedule and logistics below for registration and rehearsal.  Please mark your calendar and plan to participate. The $10 registration is for players only, spectators are always free!

Schedule – Saturday, December 8th, 2018                                

9:15-10:00Registration at SouthPark Mall, Moline in a vacant store space. Exact space will be announced when it is available. See SouthPark map, second link below.

Google map To SouthPark

SouthPark map with Rehearsal and Concert areas ( 2017 spaces)

10:00 – 11:45Rehearsal at SouthPark, same room.  Rehearsal will start at 10:00 sharp – please be on time (or early!) for our limited rehearsal time.  Bring your own music stand. Chairs are provided. There is room for your case – stand it up vertically if you can.

We are happy to welcome Dusty Johnson as our conductor this year.

After rehearsal – free time, maybe lunch and shopping.  Please have lunch as soon as possible so you will be back by 1:30 or so. Most  places to eat are outside the mall, but stay close and stick to something fairly fast.  The rehearsal space will be supervised at all times, so you can leave your instrument, case, coat, music stand, etc. safely there. Please put your name on your music stand with some masking tape, at least temporarily.  They all look alike.

2:00 – 3:00Performance – Younkers Court!  Please be in place before the downbeat.

Chairs will be moved on rolling racks to the performance area between 1:30 and 1:45 or so.  You’ll need to transport your music, stand, and instrument, and have your spot picked out and set up.  Tuning and last-minute warmup instructions are in the folder, it’s very specific for the last 2 minutes. We’re going for classy and organized here.

For the warmup plan, go to the QC TubaChristmas Structured Warmup page  Don’t worry, it’s easy – this just assures that we are tuned, in the right key, and ready to roll at 2:00.

Downbeat for the first tune will be EXACTLY at 2:00, down to the second, so synchronize your watch with your smartphone, and be in your chair, valves oiled, music in order and ready on time! There will be NO announcements before we play, only after the first tune.

After the concert finishes, please help take chairs and folders back to the mall rehearsal room. Hopefully there will be rolling racks to assist with chairs.  It goes quickly if we all help.  PLEASE  be sure to return your Griggs extra music folder into the milk crates in the room, but remember to take out your carols book so you can practice for next year.  If you took your folder home by mistake last year, please bring it with you on the 8th, it’s the same music as previous years.

This TubaChristmas Concert is presented with permission from the Harvey Phillips Foundation, Inc.


Registration fee is $10.00, payable to Griggs Music.  Includes this year’s button and use of an extra music folder.   If you have buttons from prior TubaChristmases, wear them proudly! (see picture at the bottom of this page).  Griggs Music does NOT get this money, it goes to TubaChristmas headquarters in Indiana.

If you already played in a sanctioned TubaChristmas event this year and have the 2018 official button, please wear it and show us when you come to SouthPark.  You will not have to pay the $10 again, but please register so we have an accurate number of players this year and your current email address for next year’s notification.

You are highly encouraged to register early at the Davenport Griggs Music if at all possible,  You can register. get your button, tune list and extra music folder, a book if you need it, any other needed accessories, and be totally ready for our event on December 8th.  This will speed things up considerably on TC day- you won’t have to check in. There will be a sizable queue for on-site registration.  If you are not able to register early, please get the registration form, fill it out, and bring it to speed things up – link below.

To obtain the registration form, follow this link, print the form, fill it out, sign at the bottom, and bring it with you to the mall.   DO NOT send the form or registration fee anywhere, bring it with you if you haven’t already pre-registered at Griggs. You can pay  the $10, get your button and folder there, plus a book if you don’t have one.

Books and supplies will be available starting November 1 at the Davenport Griggs Music any time the store is open, and you will also be able to buy them at SouthPark on the 8th.  Books, stocking caps and scarves are subject to prior sale, when we run out of them, that’s it.  There is a plan B for books if we run out.

If you have any extra TubaChristmas books in either clef, please bring them along to share if we run out, and if you took your TC folder home last year, bring it.  Folders are to be returned after the concert.

The “What tunes will we play?” page  link here  gives information on the books and folders for our TubaChristmas.   About half of the tunes are not in the book, they are in the folder you’ll get on TC day, or earlier if you pre-register at Griggs. Note – this is the 2017 list, but you can start practicing.

Suggested dress: bright colored Christmas shirt or sweater, dark pants or skirt. This is just so we look somewhat uniform.  You can also just wear white shirt or blouse as in the past.  Add Santa hats, holiday ties, reindeer antlers, Christmas lights, etc.

You can usually get battery-powered Christmas lights at Dollar General and similar stores.  Dollar Tree usually has them, 8 LED bulbs, uses AA batteries, for $1.  Live it up – get 2 sets!

This is NOT a requirement, just do something like this if you want to look Christmasy in a classy way.  Check out the Decorate Your Instrument  page  to see what our players wear and use for decoration.

TubaChristmas stocking caps and scarves will be in stock at Griggs Music in Davenport after Nov. 1, and also will be available for sale in limited numbers before and after the rehearsal.  We are out of green hats, but all other colors are available. You DO NOT have to buy any of these, you can use your Santa hat, elf hat, Christmas fedora, reindeer antlers, Cat In The Hat model, or not accessorize at all.

All TubaChristmas items for sale at Griggs and on the TubaChristmas.com website are proudly made in USA.

A $10 Griggs Music gift certificate will be given for the best decorated tuba and euphonium, voted on by the players. Recognition will also be given to the oldest and youngest player, farthest distance traveled for this event (recent years – Alabama!), and how many Griggs Music Quad City TubaChristmases participated in. To see prize-winning decorations from past years, go to the Decorate Your Instrument page.  No fireworks sparklers, please – battery-powered lights are fine. See the Decorate page for light choices.

Please Note!  To be considered for the decoration contest, you must have your decorations on and lights turned on for the 10:00 REHEARSAL, so they can be seen for voting by the players.

About 140  chairs from Griggs and SouthPark will be provided at the rehearsal and performance, but not music stands.  Also, If you have a folding chair at home, it’s a really good idea to toss it in your trunk in case we run out.   We had 156 players last year, maybe more this year.  There are 220 folders made up, let’s use them all!

Please bring your own music stand to use for the rehearsal and performance, stands will not be provided.  It’s a good idea to mark your name temporarily on your stand with tape, they all look alike.

Also, to be respectful of our excellent place to rehearse and play, please bring a square of absorbent cloth to put on the floor for emptying your water valve during the rehearsal and performance. We will also run a mop over both floors after the performance, but the “spit rag” will make it much easier to clean up. Maybe red or green washcloths for holiday cheer?

For further information, questions, or assistance, please call Griggs Music in Davenport at (563)391-9000 or toll-free
(877) 391-9001 weekdays after 3:00. You can also email Jim at jholifield@griggsmusic.com.

Special Thanks to SouthPark Mall, our mall liaison Connie McElyea, and the excellent SouthPark staff!

Now there are some buttons!