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The date is set for  QC TubaChristmas 2018.

December 8

 Rehearsal 10 am 

Performance 2 pm

 SouthPark Mall, Moline, IL

Wear bright holiday colors including ugly Christmas sweaters and LED lights. Dark colored pants or skirts. Concert white shirts are fine too.

Pre-registration begins in November 1.


156 players participated in QCTubaChristmas 2017. Videos and photos are on the Griggs Music Facebook page

$10 registration is for players only, spectators are always free.

Schedule – Saturday, December 8, 2018                                

9:15-10:00Registration at SouthPark Mall, Moline in a vacant store space; we’ll let you know once we’re assigned an exact space.  

Google map To SouthPark

SouthPark map with Rehearsal and Concert areas 

10:00 – 11:45Rehearsal at SouthPark. Rehearsal will start at 10:00 sharp for our limited rehearsal time.  Bring your own music stand and chair. There is room for your case if you store it vertically.

Welcome Dusty Johnson, Tipton, Iowa as our conductor this year.

After rehearsal – free time, maybe lunch and shopping.  Please have lunch as soon as possible so you will be back by 1:30.  The rehearsal space will be supervised at all times, so you can leave your instrument, case, coat, music stand, etc. safely there.  

2:00 – 3:00Performance – Former Younkers Court.  Please be in place before the downbeat.

You’ll need to ensure your music, stand, and instrument, and chair are in place.  Tuning and last-minute warm-up go to the QC TubaChristmas Structured Warmup page  Don’t worry, it’s easy – this just assures we are tuned, in the right key, and ready at 2:00.

Downbeat for the first tune will be EXACTLY at 2:00, please be in place, valves oiled, music in order and ready.There will be NO announcements before we play; only after the first tune.

After the concert , please clean up your space.

TubaChristmas Concert is presented with permission from the Harvey Phillips Foundation, Inc. and Griggs Music.


Registration  is $10.00 and includes a commemorative button. Please bring cash; we won’t have access to a credit card reader or payment processing device. All fees collected are forwarded to TubaChristmas headquarters in Indiana. 

Register early at Griggs Music, Davenport or you can complete the registration form and bring it with you to the mall.   

Books and accessories will be available online or after November 1, at Griggs Music in Davenport.

The “What tunes will we play?” page  link here  gives information on the books and folders for our TubaChristmas.   

Check out the Decorate Your Instrument  page  to see what our players wear and use for decoration.

TubaChristmas stocking caps and scarves will be for sale at Griggs Music in Davenport after Nov. 1, and also will be available for sale in limited numbers before and after the rehearsal. 

All TubaChristmas items for sale at Griggs and on the TubaChristmas.com website are proudly made in USA.

Please bring your own music stand and folding chair to use for the rehearsal and performance.  

Also, to be respectful of our excellent place to rehearse and play, please bring a square of absorbent cloth to put on the floor for emptying your water valve during the rehearsal and performance.

For further information, questions, or assistance, please call Griggs Music in Davenport at (563)391-9000 or
 (877) 391-9000.

Special Thanks to SouthPark Mall and staff.

Impressive 🙂