Purchase New Now

Buy a new instrument

Your biggest opportunity for savings is this option with a 35% discount and guaranteed returnability. You also receive one full year of our Accidental Damage and Maintenance Repair Service with available loaner instruments free of charge.  We have quality instruments of most makes available brand new for you, at the greatest saving and return option available.

If your beginning musician chooses not to continue, simply return the instrument and receive a refund of the purchase price, minus tax and the amount you would have paid had you rented the instrument for that length of time.

For instance, if you got a new Yamaha resin clarinet under this plan and returned it, you would receive back what you paid minus tax paid and $32 for each month the instrument was out.   You may still switch or exchange instruments as well.

This option is available in our store locations, but you can also arrange this purchase by calling our Davenport location at 563-391-9001, telling us exactly what you want, and giving your information and credit card numbers over the phone. If there are any accessories needed, these can be handled at the same time. We can then deliver the instrument to school  in time for lessons to start.

Questions? Call us and we’ll help you figure out the choice that’s right for you.