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The Griggs Music Orchestral Instrument Leasing Program.

The Griggs Music string lease program is an AFFORDABLEFLEXIBLE and CONVENIENT way for string students to have a high quality instrument for their learning journey. It is based on month-to-month automatic payments with no minimum number of payments required.

Our program is a lease program and not rent-to-own since most students are starting on a less than full sized instrument. However, size ups are included at no charge as your student grows and advances.

Here’s how you can see what size instrument your student needs.

Size Guide

Since the lease contract doesn’t result in ownership of an instrument, our STRING LEASE LOYALTY DISCOUNT  is calculated using the total monthly payments on the lease contract. A discount of up to 60% may be applied towards eventual purchase of an even higher quality instrument for the advancing student.

If you are leasing or renting-to-own an orchestral instrument elsewhere, ask us how payments to another program would apply towards our STRING LEASE LOYALTY DISCOUNT if you decide to switch to a top-quality Griggs Music instrument.

MAINTANENCE and REPAIR of the instrument is included as well as a 50% discount towards purchase of new strings.

Lease Online

More Information about Our Leasing Packages

If you need help with instrument sizing, simply visit our Instrument Sizing page. Griggs Music offers three levels of orchestral instrument options for our leasing program.

1. The Virtuoso – A Genuine Advantage for the Advancing Student Musician: Better quality, flamed maple construction and a high-grade bridge match with professional-quality strings and a full-carbon bow all make for an incredible instrument at a reasonable price. Available in 3/4 and 4/4 sizes.

2. The Soloist – For Families Wanting Something a Little Nicer: This level offers improved tone and performance from aged, well-seasoned tone woods and available Fine-Tuning Pegs. All sizes are available.

3. The Prodigy – SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY: Fully guaranteed, high quality construction with genuine ebony or boxwood fittings. These instruments generally have had greater use and will show significant wear.

Call us today at 877-391-9001 or contact us for more information or to find a location nearest you. We look forward to serving all of your musical needs.

Griggs Music is a passionate provider of musical instrument sales, rental, and leasing as well as music lessons, repair, and sheet music sales to the Quad Cities area of Eastern Iowa and Northwest Illinois including Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, Moline, East Moline, Cedar Rapids, Washington, Sterling, Rock Falls, Dixon and Galesburg since 1903.

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