Orchestral Instrument Leasing

We are pleased to offer our orchestral instrument leasing program, which includes a loyalty discount which keeps building as you make lease payments. Beginning orchestral students require various-sized instruments which are fitted to your student as he/she grows. As your student’s needs change, he/she may go through multiple instrument sizes, until they reach  a full-sized instrument.

Lease Online

On the Lease page please click on “All Schools” on the “Select District” menu. Click on “Select Instrument” inside the box and the instrument selections will load in a drop-down menu.


The Griggs Music Orchestral Instrument Leasing Program.

As you make the lease payments on your child’s orchestral instrument, all of the money you have paid (except for taxes) accumulates toward a loyalty discount on purchase of a full-size instrument. As your child grows and needs larger instruments, your loyalty discount amount stays intact and continues to grow. This built-up amount can be applied to up to 60% of the cost of purchasing a new full-size instrument in our store.

Ask about our Equity Transfer Program today! If you are leasing an orchestral instrument elsewhere, we are happy to honor the equity position you have with another company should you decide to switch your lease to a top-quality Griggs Music instrument.

All of our leases come with our signature Accidental Damage and Maintenance Repair service completely free of charge, and you will also receive a 50% discount on any replacement string purchase.

Our Instruments Reflect Our Commitment to Helping Your Child Achieve Success in Music

The early stages of learning to play an orchestral instrument can be challenging, and an inferior-quality instrument can compromise all of your child’s best efforts. This is why we only offer high quality orchestral instruments in our leasing program: to ensure we are able to back up our commitment to helping your child succeed.

Lease an Orchestral Instrument from Griggs Music Now!

If you are ready to lease an orchestral instrument from Griggs Music, simply visit our Lease Now  page and fill out the online form.

Unsure of what size instrument you need?    Click for sizing guide.

Remember: any instrument you lease from us can be delivered to any one of many schools within 100 miles of the Quad Cities area. Simply inquire about in-school delivery while completing your leasing agreement.

More Information about Our Leasing Packages

If you need help with instrument sizing, simply visit our Instrument Sizing page. We at Griggs Music offer three levels of orchestral instrument options for our leasing program.

1. The Virtuoso – A Genuine Advantage for the Advancing Student Musician: Better quality, flamed maple construction and a high-grade bridge match with professional-quality strings and a full-carbon bow all make for an incredible instrument at a reasonable price. Available in 3/4 and 4/4 sizes.

2. The Soloist – For Families Wanting Something a Little Nicer: This level offers improved tone and performance from aged, well-seasoned tonewoods and available Fine-Tuning Pegs. All sizes are available.

3. The Prodigy – SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY: Fully guaranteed, high quality construction with genuine ebony or boxwood fittings. These instruments generally have had greater use and will show significant wear.

We also have available instrument outfit upgrades, including an upgrade to a full-carbon bow and an upgrade to Fine-Tuning Pegs for half-size and larger instruments at just $4.00 each per month.

Call us today at 877-391-9001 or contact us for more information or to find a location nearest you. We look forward to serving all of your musical needs!

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