MIIG Mutes for trumpet and trombone

Most mutes are available to try in our stores.  Mutes can be ordered by calling our Davenport store at with credit card and address info.  We will then ship you any number of mutes for a flat rate of $6.00 added to the mute price and tax.  Call (563)391-9000 for availability in store, and to order for shipping.
All mutes are proudly made in the USA!

Blue trpt mute   Straight blue plastic trumpet mute BLUEMUTE  $14.95
blk plastic trpt mute  Straight black plastic trumpet mute BLACKMUTE  $18.80
straight almmute Straight aluminum trumpet mute TPTMETAL  $39.25
straight alm-copper muteStraight aluminum/copper trumpet mute  TPTCOPPER  $51.25
blk plasticCUP muteAdjustable cup plastic trumpet mute   MHT149   $30.00
TPTCUPAdjustable cup aluminum trumpet mute  TPTCUP  $60.50
TPTCUP copperAdjustable copper cup  trumpet mute  COPPERCUP  $87.50
Wah WahHarmon style aluminum trumpet mute  WAHWAH  $48.50
Wah Wah copperHarmon style copper trumpet mute  WAHWAHC  $70.65
BubWahBubble Wah aluminum trumpet mute  TPTBUBWAH  $61.20
BubWahCopperBubble Wah copper trumpet mute  TPTBUBWAHC $70.65
Trom  blkTrombone straight plastic mute  TBBLACKMUTE  $30.25
Trom alum straightTrombone straight aluminum mute  TBNST  $66.50
Trom copperr bottom straightTrombone straight aluminum/copper mute  TBNSTC  $85.00

  Bring in your instrument, and try them!